ICARE 2017
Oberpfaffenhofen, 10-13 July 2017

General Information for Oral and Poster Sessions

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Prepare Your Presentation
Be considerate to the other speakers and audience by staying within your allocated time.
The allocated time for your presentation includes a discussion and changeover to the next speaker.
This is essential to ensure adequate time for questions and discussion as well as adherence to the schedule.
Please discuss the same material as reported in your abstract submission.

Total duration:

  • 30 minutes plenary speaker
  • 15 minutes session talks

You are kindly requested to be at the presentation room at least 15 minutes before the session starts.
In each session, there is one person chairing the session. Session chairs will keep an eye on the time to make sure that all speakers have enough time for their presentations and for questions.
Please note that we are unable to provide additional presentation time in case of a delay due to technical issues.

Onsite at the Conference

Important note- we change the procedure:

Speakers will need to register at the registration desk at building 135 when they first arrive at the conference to collect their name badge and other related materials. Here presenters are requested to give their USB Stick with the presentation to the DLR technical staff. Our technical staff will upload the presentations for all presenters on the laptop computers in the session rooms. All Presentations will be placed on the session room laptop by session number and name of speaker.

Audio-Visual Equipment

All presenters should use only DLR venue facilities. Each session room will be equipped with the following:
  • Laptop computer, equipped with USB drive
  • LCD projector for PowerPoint© presentations and one main screen
  • A Laser pointer and a mouse
  • Building 135 and 124: Podium with microphone / Headsets for speakers Building 120: no microphone
  • No other A/V equipment will be provided

How to submit your presentation before the conference

You can send your presentation in advance of the conference. Therefore your presentation should be emailed until Monday 10th July 08:00 am to fx-orga@dlr.de

  • We cannot accept zip files
  • If you have large files you are requested to give your USB Stick with the presentation to the DLR technical staff at the registration desk at building 135. Our technical staff will upload the presentations for all presenters on the laptop computers in the session rooms
  • Please only use Powerpoint

Guidelines for Session Chairs

Please make sure to arrive at the room where the session takes place at least 15 minutes in advance. This will allow you to meet the sessions speakers and to see whether there are any problems with installing their laptops or presentations.
Your main tasks will be

  • To start the session on time
  • To very briefly introduce each talk
  • To make sure that the speaker will finish her/his talk within the time available. To ensure this, please give the speaker a countdown (e.g., indicating 5 min to end, 2 min to end, finish) and stop her/him if necessary.
  • To end the session on time
  • Our technical staff will also be present in the session room to assist speakers and session chairs as needed